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Wayne’s Comics 64: JK Woodward from IDW’s Trek:TNG/Doctor Who

Wayne Hall 08/17/2012 Features
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Doctor Who, JK Woodward, IDW, Matt Smith, Captain Picard, crossover

It’s the 64th episode of the Wayne’s Comics podcast, now at ComicBooked.com!

This week, I have a fun interview with JK Woodward from IDW’s Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who landmark crossover event, Assimilation Squared. We talk about both franchises, and he schools me on some things even I, a longtime fan, didn’t know! Check out the episode here at this location! You can also listen to his JK’s Happy Hour podcast via iTunes or at http://thetaylornetwork.wordpress.com/.

Next, I review this week’s comics, followed by Gianluca Glazer talking with me about the latest News & Previews. Then everything wraps up with my visit to your local comics shop to see what’s new!

Don’t miss it!

JK Woodward, IDW, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Matt Smith, Captain Picard, crossover

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