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Warning Notice: Alien Invasion!

Yenny Coll 05/14/2012 Features, ZDONOTUSE

You read that correctly, folks! Aliens have invaded our planet and are waging intergalactic war! As if that’s not bad enough, these aliens eerily resemble Earth cockroaches, except they stand several feet tall and wield some deadly looking weapons. Talk about cruel irony, people; are the bugs we’re used to stepping all over come seeking bloody vengeance? If so, then vengeance wears big boots! The fate of the world rest on the shoulder of one Rigby Pinkerton. Don’t let his name fool you; he’s a much bigger loser than he sounds. Although the knowledge he has accumulated after years of being an exterminator may prove useful, how does anyone expect this couch potato who still lives with his mother to save anyone?

No need to be scared, my fellow earthlings! Although this extraterrestrial invasion is very much real, it’s only happening in Raphael Moran‘s head. Now the alien-roach infested world  of Rigby Pinkerton has left the confines of Raph’s cranium and found it’s way into the pages of his all new graphic novel, FLEE. The creator of Dream Reavers and Angst is back for more and he’s back with more! FLEE has been bubbling inside Raph’s brilliant mind since he was a pimply high schooler. But with your permission, this decades old story (I did say high school!) can be sent to your worthy human hands, and this top secret Area 51 government file (you didn’t hear it from me!) will be available for your eyes to see. It’s filled with accurate diagrams of the creatures, sketched by the talented hand of Ed Watson and his team of mad scien.. artists. But heed my warning, soldier; your lungs may not have enough oxygen for the laughs and gasps that are sure to accompany this exceptional story. You have been warned. Click here to contribute towards Raph’s cause and for your chance to own FLEE (and possibly some of Raph’s other insanely great novels as well as some alien-fighting gear…. er, I mean, keychains! It could save your life!

Get your fumigator ready, Ridely Scott. Aliens are coming to your backyard.


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  1. James Victor Von Hal 05/15/2012 at 9:46 pm

    Holy crap, this looks pretty sweet!

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