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Wannabe Hulk Paints Himself Green to Later Discover That it Won’t Come Off

Christian Johnson 05/31/2012 ZDONOTUSE

You all heard the saying before, “it’s not easy being green,” well, pool attendant Paulo Henrique dos Santos found out the hard way when he painted himself green to look like the Incredible Hulk for a running event. The only problem is the paint wouldn’t come off.  Yes, he scrubbed and scrubbed, but the rage would not leave him.

After frantically scrubbing some more and having his mom scrub him (how sweet), he discovered the reason behind his Hulk Hulk Scrub!dilemma, the green paint he used is for painting ballistic missiles and submarines. Seriously, who leaves that stuff around? Any foolish person could easily paint themselves green to look like their raging hero the Hulk.

Have you seen The Avengers?! (Rhetorical question because everyone has seen The Avengers.) Who doesn’t want to be the Hulk after seeing that movie? There’s no word yet on if  he was able to remove the green color, but if I have to take a stab at it, he’s still angry. Hulk disappointed!

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