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Wade Wilson’s War…… I Like

Comic Booked Guest Writer 09/05/2010 Reviews

Remember, Marvel Knights is a comic book imprint from Marvel Comics which deals with more mature themes than the Marvel Universe imprint. Most Knights titles are meant for readers 15 and up.

So without further ado let me tell you about this series:

If you are a fan of Deadpool, you will love this, if you are not, then you probably wont. See, Deadpool is more than a wise cracking, merciless, funny guy. He is a complex character. Yeah he cracks jokes and wont shut up, but there he is more than that. And if you want to find out more, well, you will have to do your own research hehe.

The story centers around a mercenary team, formed by Silver Sable, Domino, Bullseye, and the Merc with a Mouth  Deaddpool. These guys are the go-to team. If you don’t want your hands dirty, you call these people, they are good. Apparently they all have powers and are great at killing bad guys!

Well turns out that Deadpool is in court, to talk about his “crimes” and is going to be imprisoned. He talks about his origins, how the government screw him over and used and abused him. He talks about a blood bath that took place in Sinaloa Mexico. Stop!  Sianloa is a beautiful state in Mexico , which is famoius for having a bunch of drug cartels, and high production of Marihuana etc…  So what is told in the story is true, from a certain point of view. Some of my family is from there, and I have been there once. Its beautiful, but violent, but again its the drug dealers killing each other so.. anyways.

Ok so Deadpool and the team kill all the bad guys, and the government wants to know who, what and why all this happened.

We see Deadpool talking to the Senators, the cameras and of course the reader. He even stops bullets a la Neo from the Matrix.

From time to time you began to wonder if all of these events have actually happened,but, with Deadpool everything is possible.

I found the series to be fun, an I really enjoyed it. Like I said before, a lot of you wont like it, and thats fine, you are a loser!

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