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Victoria Paege at Phoenix Comicon 2012!

Victoria Paege 05/25/2012 Reviews

That’s RIGHT! ANOTHER convention coming to YOU from!

The Phoenix Comicon describes itself as ‘The Signature Pop-culture event of the Southwest’ and it’s coming again to the Phoenix Convention center and neighboring Hyatt May 24-27th, 2012!  The convention will opened up on tonight night at 4pm where attendees got their first glimpse of the vendor hall, the artists who are there early and all of the preview night exclusives that are promised.  Some of the exclusives this year, and there are MANY, include:



Spawn and Lady Death print by Andy Arias and Todd McFarlane

Spawn Lady Death



A limited-to-50 print by Tony Parker

Wanted Comics



A Lady Death Cover by Mike DeBalfo

Lady Death Comics



A Zombie Vs. Cheerleaders, Jesse James exclusive

Jesse James Exclusive



The Vendor Hall closed at 9:00pm but the festivities were far from over.  There is a full blown film festival going on every day of the convention as well!  Every night, at the Hyatt , your comicon pass is good for film admission.  I had two films play tonight! If It Kills You by Director David Pike, in which I play a strung out street kid who believes she’s developed super powers.  Then, immediately following, was the full length movie, A Man Called Nereus, ( Directed by Nathan S. Hill.



Here is my schedule:

10-11:30 Con open- Signing my, limited to 100, Legend of Oz cover in costume at tables 812-814-816

Comic Con Schedule


1-2 signing at Hi Fi Colour table 738.  I have a print that is being used as the cover for a new book by Spazdog Press called Break The Walls Stories Inspired by the songs of the Pixies.  This book comes after the international seller Unite and Take Over Stories Inspired by the Songs of The Ramones.

3-4 I am participating in the ‘The Making of ‘A Man Called Nereus” Panel along with director Nathan S. Hill, Star Seth Gandrud, Orchid Tao, David Hayes and more in the Remmington BC room.

Many other things are going on during the day, panels, gaming in gaming rooms, signings by Wil Wheaton, Phil Lamaar, (Western X’s own) Vernon Wells, Colin Ferguson of Eureka and events at the Hyatt after the hall closes at 7.

Saturday —

Oh wow crazy day!  I will have someone on helping with video so that I we can bring you highlights from the day as well as follow me around as I try to snag a few interviews and exclusives for us!

At 10 I will start the day at the Big Dog Ink booths 812-814-816.

2:30-3:30 signing the Break the Walls Print at the Hi Fi Colour table #738

4:30-5:30 Western X Panel and episode 9 and 10 premiere.  (I will be in one of the episodes playing) The cast, Director Michael Flores and producer, star Vernon G. Wells will all be attending.

6:30-7:30 Men With No Lives radio show broadcast

8pm Kids Need To Read Geek Prom– I’ll be dressed up for this one as Director Michael Flores and myself are guest commentators at the Fashion Geektacular.  I’ll be wearing an outfit by Amanda Tucker of Modified Minds and will have some (okay, all of) my makeup help by the talented Stephanie Nault.

I will have video of each event.  I may not be able to get it sent out live, as I know the reception at the convention center is very mininal.  In between each event, I will have our video guy run through the convention floor in order to get us footage of the entire event.  I will also be doing my best to grab a few new interviews! YAY VIDEO!


The vendor hall opens at 10 AM for the last day.  Boo!

I’ll be able to go to a few panels and maybe grab an interview before I sign at the Hi Fi Color table from noon until 1.

I’ll be heading over to the Hyatt immediately after my signing to attend the Phoenix Film Festival awards.  I’ll be reporting on the winners so that you can all add some new films to your indy wish list ^_^

Then I change back into the Dorothy Gale costume and I sign until close.

The vendor hall closes at 5pm.  I will still have a photographer available to get the events that are going on as I’m running back and forth.

I can’t wait to see what the weekend has in store! I already know I’ll my phone will die within the first hour from all of the pictures I’ll be taking and sending out! Are you going to the Phoenix Comicon this weekend? Are you cosplaying? Whats the #1 thing that is bringing you to this con (or the next convention you’ll be attending)?





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