I recently received Justin Peterson’s self-published graphic novel, Very Near Mint Volume 1 and immediately my geeky heart was in LOVE with this story. The cover is graced with characters punching through the page and really drew me in.

The story starts on a Wednesday with  a UPX truck carrying precious cargo: COMIC BOOKS! The truck gets hit by a mysterious figure who then sets it on fire.

Chaos ensues. If you are a religious comic guy/gal, you know that new comics come in on Wednesday. Our Main Characters, Colin and Sam, owners of The Splash Page comic shop,  try to survive this day. To top things off a new arch nemesis is encroaching on their territory, by opening Across The Street Comics (Yes that’s really the name).

Copyright © 2011 Justin Peterson

The story took me on an adventure ride and kept my attention the entire time. I devoured it in 45 minutes.

Here are the things I LOVED about it:

  1. The story is so unique and well-written that it kept my attention
  2. It has a pretty sweet cliffhanger (It ended the volume well…but made you wonder what will happen next)
  3. GEEK REFERENCES! (But they don’t detract from the story if you don’t get them)
  4. The art is AMAZING! It’s in black and white, but the textures made it a treat to the eyes.

There are some things I’ve NEVER seen before and think are COOL:

  1. The usage of white space on pages 88-94 (when you see it you’ll agree)
  2. Best comic curse word censorship in history! (You’ll have to read it to get what I’m talking about)
  3. Great Bonus Stuff towards the end! I love seeing the process from script to final.

Well that’s my quick review! I think it was absolutely AWESOME! My only complaint is Justin not adding Volume 2 at the end :D

Now go and read the FIRST TEN PAGES

Then BUY it!

If you already got it, tell Justin you liked it!


PS: If you got the book and you want to comment feel free to do so below ;)