Vertigo has always been known for it’s edgy and quirky take on classic horror and fantasy stories.  THE NEW DEADWARDIANS  certainly continues that tradition.


It’s London, 1910, and the a zombie infestation has swept through the streets of London. The lower classes of England are becoming the walking dead. How can the British aristocracy fight back against the flesh eating horde of zombies? Well some of the nobility have chosen to become creatures of the night, the undead, vampires. It’s full on class warfare, as Vampires fight Zombies to protect the dwindling population of normal humans, and maintain English society.

The story centers on Police Chief Inspector George Suttle.  Suttle is in charge of the slowest beat, investigating murders in a world where most everyone is already dead. Oh and he is a Vampire too.

Dan Abbett (RESURRECTION MAN, LEGION LOST) pens this alternative history, which is sure to be filled with allusions to period literture and popular culture with art by newcomer I.N.J. Culbard (AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS) THE NEW DEADWARDIANS is a 32 page $2.99 comic goes on sale on March 28.

This title is another in a long line of Vertigo series in the tradition of excellence that began in 1993 with series like SANDMAN, PREACHER and Y, THE LAST MAN.