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Variant Covers For Action Comics #1 & Batman #1

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DC Comics and  Hero Complex have released images for two variant covers for DCs re-launch of Action Comics and Batman.  The covers are just another piece of news attached to the reboot of the DC Universe taking place in September.  DC’s big summer event Flashpoint is the catalyst for the highly publicized re-launch.  The company is hoping that this move, along with the availability of their digital titles the same day as printed versions, will help boost sales.

This is a bold move for DC Comics.  This reboot prompted the cancellation of many current titles, which angered readers.  It also opened the door for the premiere of several new titles as well as the reboot of current ones.  The reboot hasn’t been received too warmly by readers who are skeptical of DC’s decision.  Even negative publicity is a good thing because whether you’re one of those angry fans or one that remains hopeful of this reboot, it has gotten people in and around the industry talking.

DC is also hoping that this will help push them toward catching up in sales with rival Marvel Comics.  The two have been facing off sales wise for a while, with rival Marvel outselling them nearly every month; however, readership for the comic book industry is on an overall downward slope.  Problems with the economy and a high unemployment rate have caused many media outlets to suffer when it comes to sales.

Action Comics, featuring Superman, and Batman are two of DC’s flagship titles.  The variant cover for Action Comics was drawn by legendary comic artist Jim Lee and features the Man of Steel in his updated costume.  The cover for Batman was drawn by Ethan Van Sciver.  Look for Action Comics #1 to hit the shelves on September 1 with Batman #1 following on September 21.



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