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Valiant Comics Rolls Out the Fun at Long Beach Comic Con

David Gillette 11/05/2012 News, Reviews

Writer Robert Lee contributed to this story for Comic Booked.

Valiant Comics held their first official West Coast panel at Long Beach Comic Con, highlighting what’s coming up in the latest part of their relaunch.

Valiant Entertainment CCO Dinesh Shamdasani and Harbinger writer Joshua Dysart spoke at the panel about upcoming developments with the company’s current titles and future offerings.

Most of the news focused on their digital only title Quantum & Woody, which may be on its way to becoming an official title depending on how their statement “there is an announcement on the way about the future of the title” should be interpreted.

Fans of Quantum & Woody should stay tuned for that announcement to see if the series will become more than just a digital comic.

A little bit of extra information was also dished out by the panel about Harbinger #0, already covered here on the site, but added that Mico Suayan will handle art for this special issue focusing on the rise of Toyo Harada. This will have significant bearing on how the Valiant Universe as a whole takes shape. Valiant Comics Archer & Armstrong

Adding to the Harbinger news, the panel reiterated that the forthcoming issue 6, which starts the Renegades story arc, shows the fallout from the previous issue and how that will affect things going forward.

Following that up, each subsequent issue will roll out familiar characters starting with Flamingo in issue 7 and Torque in issue 8. Harada Global Conglomerates will also shift into a state of martial law as the nature and character of the organization shifts after the events of issue 5.

Bloodshot #5 will introduce a serious threat in the form of team Chainsaw, as Bloodshot fights his way into Project Rising Spirit’s super impregnable base.

Beyond that, the next Bloodshot story arc, Harbinger Hunter, will (you guessed it) focus on his past missions with one gone really wrong. A deeper look is taken at his association with Project Rising Spirit and the mysterious Dr. Kureitch.

Valiant Comics ChainsawX-O Manowar will receive the variant pullbox cover treatment from artist Cary Nord for the Planet Death Arc, where Aric of Dacia takes the fight to the Vine’s home planet. Shadowman #1 will also get the variant treatment with artist Dave Johnson doing the cover.

Last, but not least, the in-depth character design for the McHenry Geomancer was revealed for Archer & Armstrong, giving fans a sneak peek at what’s to come.

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