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UPDATE: Justiniano Pleads Not Guilty

Skott Jimenez 05/25/2011 Features

In early May DC Comics artist Justiniano was arrested for possession of child pornography.

According to reports, Justiniano dropped off a thumb drive at a funeral home. The drive was supposed to have pictures that were to be used during the services of a relative who passed away.
Instead, the drive contained 33 files of child porn including, according to police, a girl who appears to be his niece.
Police then went to Justiniano’s home and confiscated his computer which was found to contain 153 files of child porn including 3 videos.

On Tuesday, May 24, Justiniano plead not guilty to first-degree possession of child porn. Superior Court Judge George Thim continued the case to June 8 and it will not be a trial by jury.

Related to this, on May 12 Justiniano’s former wife, Maria Rivera was denied a restraining order by Superior Court Judge Heidi Winslow. They have two children together.

“We have two children, whom I tried to protect after the horrific incident of his arrest, by going to the court with my lawyer to try to get an order of protection for my young sons,” Maria Rivera complained. “So much for a court that really cares about the well being of the children. God forbid I try to keep my children away from their dad, who just got accused of not a traffic violation, or even something like embezzlement or stealing a car, but first degree possession of child pornography.”

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