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Unpainted Lead: Miniature Wargame History Video

Richard Wilcox 05/17/2012 DO NOT USE

Some might be wondering what happened to this week’s regularly scheduled Unpainted Lead. Some probably didn’t even notice… *sigh*. Regardless, this week is a special treat as much as it is an experiment in the attention span of the average web surfer.

This weeks Unpainted Lead is brought to you in stunning 2D Video Format!

For some reason I expected a louder applause.

Anyways, this is my way to give everyone out there a fresh look at the tabletop game industry and perhaps spark up some new conversations. Who knows?! You could be Unpainted Lead’s first You Tube troll!

Little Wars by H.G. Wells

This week we cover a brief history of tabletop wargames and the effect they have had upon the gaming scene.

Enjoy the video give me your thoughts in the comments, and subscribe to Comic Booked’s channel if you want to see more of this sort of content.

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