They survived the Harbinger and Sect Wars.  They returned from Planet Death.  

Now the Valiant Universe comes together this November in Unity.  That may not be as good as it sounds.

In 1992, Valiant launch their first Unity crossover event.  It declared that “Time is not absolute!”  It spanned 18 issues over 8 monthly series and two specials (Unity #0 and 1).  It saw the first issues of fan favorite series, The Eternal Warrior and Archer & Armstrong, as it brought together the Valiant Universe from the Lost Land of Turok to the 40th Century of Magnus Robot Fighter to the modern day world most of their titles were set in.

Now in 2013, Unity is happening again, and here are the first teaser images from Clayton Crain (above) and JG Jones (below). What will happen this time? Who will bring together the army to kill a king, and who will find our victory is no absolute!

We’ll find out this November.

Unity JG Jones  Teaser

Valiant, the MUST READ Publisher of 2013. Find out why this November in UNITY.