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Uncanny X-Men #7

Nick Furious 06/30/2013 Reviews

The Cyclops X-Men team should be one of, if not THE most entertaining X-Men book on the shelves.  Rabid fans who usually go crazy over seeing a hero fall have not been too harsh on Cyclops heel turn.  It was a good five years in the making, so it wasn’t anything that people didn’t see coming, but none the less, Scott Summers is officially a villain.  Maybe not the same kind of villain as Red Skull or Doctor Doom, but he is most certainly a villain, with a very villain-like team.  Emma Frost, Magneto, Magik, three people not many people are gonna wanna mess with.  But then you have the rest of his team.  Not a single likable character in the bunch.  The team doesn’t need to be all super evil characters but can we at least have a team of super powerful characters?  For some reason or another we have Cyclops and everyone else having trouble using their powers.  I don’t follow Cable and The X-Force but I haven’t heard anyone say anything about Peter Rasputin having any troubles using his powers, so why is everyone struggling so much?  But we have an issue to review so let’s get to it!

Uncanny X-Men #7  PreviewMagik has always been a very interesting character, but her character has been diminished to being nothing short of a demon like monster.  Great stories can be woven from characters with immense depth, but Magik doesn’t get a whole lot to work with.  Until now.  Magik has been the queen of the Limbo so who is better to take on Illyana Rasputin than the Dimension hopping Dormammu!  Doctor Strange’s archenemy has decided he will take over Limbo.  He will become the new ruler of Limbo.  No one to stand in his way…except the X-Men!  But this is not the X-Men that I had always hoped would take on Dormammu.  No this is a group of people who are either having problems using mutant powers or are brand new to being mutants.  Go figure Dormammu kicks the ever loving shit out of everyone.  Even Stephen Strange wasn’t able to help the X-Men, even though Cyclops was actually talking about recruiting Doctor Strange to help Magik in her demonic problems.  But for the sake of entertainment they never got a hold of Strange so they had to take on Dormammu, by themselves.

This book has so much potential.  It is frustrating reading each issue as I know Brian Michael Bendis is capable of so much more.  Frazer Irving has a very specific kind of artwork that is remarkably unappealing to me, but highly accepted by the art world.  Not so sure why…  I was excited to see an X-Men member die.  Then he didn’t really die.  Then I realized something more disturbing than this kid dying in battle as a brand new X-Men member…I had no friggin clue what this guys name was.  Nor do I know the rest of the new recruits.  I just don’t care.  And that is never a good thing.  Uncanny X-Men is really gonna need to pick up the pace if it wants to be a top X book.  I know you can do it.  So just do it already!

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    Yawn. New writer and direction, please.

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