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Uncanny X-Men #19.NOW: X-Perts of The Atom Review

Comic Booked 03/19/2014 Reviews

Spoilers for Uncanny X-Men #19.NOW –

The X-Men are going to war with S.H.I.E.L.D. – eventually. The fact that they have sentinels is almost reason enough alone, and they are actively hunting Cyclops, but this issue is kind of just the prequel to it. Hijack is picked up by S.H.I.E.L.D. almost immediately after being expelled from the New Xavier School, but Maria Hill knows damn well that Cyclops knew that would happen. Still she has to spring whatever trap he’s set into motion, she has to play the game.

Cyclops steps into a bit of a set-up himself, when following a mutant signal leads him and his team into a surprise sentinel attack. This one is too big for his kids, especially as this batch of mutant killing robots is equipped with power dampeners. They can’t just shut down any powers though, they are specifically attuned to X-Men that our mystery villain knows about. Magik is able to combat them with her sorcery though, and Tempus must not be on the list (yet) because she is able to open a time bubble to protect the team. It’s a great bit of teamwork watching them use these abilities in tandem to save the day. It’s not really a victory though, because the bad guy has learned more about them, and once again made them look bad in the public eye. Cyclops is pissed, and one way or another, he’s gonna take it out on S.H.I.E.L.D. – next time.

Uncanny X-Men #19.NOW

Favorite visuals: Scott reading Cerebro, especially with that blue lighting. Magik’s fire dragons vs. the green ghost sentinels. The mega sentinel kind of peacefully rocketing away. Scott’s angry tirade on mystery villain’s screens. Also, everything that was sexy!

My rating: 4.4/5

Uncanny X-Men #19 does a lot. We check in with Hijack, we touch On Eva’s recent trauma, and we see poor captive Agent Dazzler, who Mystique has no problem abusing because she sees her as a race traitor. There’s just enough to keep these plot threads weaving without overriding the main goal, gaining momentum for the war with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the mysterious villain. For a series of essentially one shot issues, they pack a good amount of overall story development in here – I’m really happy with it. I don’t even feel like making fun of the #1.NOW gimmick this time around (any issue of Uncanny really makes a good jumping on point anyway), but I do have to say I appreciate Goldballs putting on his snazzy uniform for it!

To hear more from the other x-pert, make sure to tune in to the All About X-Men Comics Podcast!

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