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Uncanny X-Force #17: X-Perts of the Atom Review

Comic Booked 02/03/2014 ZDONOTUSE

Spoilers for Uncanny X-Force #17

Uncanny X-Force #17  is the last of the four part “Vendetta” crossover between Cable and X-Force and Uncanny X-Force. Stryfe plays the typical comic book villain, enacting a revenge scheme against members of both teams. If he can get Hope to kill Bishop in revenge for what he did to her, her soul is corrupted, metaphorically killing her father Cable as well. Everyone would end up dead inside either figuratively or literally, and Stryfe wins. The X-Force teams go through their own version of “Battle of the Atom,” before finally combining efforts to save their respective members. Hope almost goes through with it, but she knows well enough not to play into the schemes of villains. When the X-Forces arrive they fight Stryfe and eventually it is enough of a distraction to allow Cable to finish him off, but not before Stryfe overloads Hope with power, turning her into a bomb. Bishop is an old pro At redirecting power, and talks her through how to channel it without exploding. This is enough for them to hug it out at the end, and have a temporary truce at least long enough for them to get out of each other’s sight.

Uncanny X-Force ending review

The event itself doesn’t seem to provide much impetus for it, but at the end of the issue individual members of the teams start to go their own ways, leading into the re-organization that will be the next X-Force #1.

My rating 4.5 /5 

Cable and X-force was my favorite book while it was running, and that team meshed really well with this team here in Uncanny X-Force. Both teams are full of edgier, less stuffy X-Men members who talked more like real people talk, really making this “Vendetta” arc a shorter, too cool for school version of “Battle of the Atom.” I’m sad to see both these books go, but I’m happy that they got a quality sendoff.

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