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Uncanny Avengers #6

Nick Furious 04/14/2013 ZDONOTUSE

Seeing as I am completely infatuated with Uncanny Avengers thus far, Uncanny Avengers #6 was sure to be something extra special.  The Marvel Press Release displayed Apocalypse towering over a hunched over, very battle-worn God of Thunder.  Given that Remender has achieved the feat of keeping me addicted to his new team book, seeing the Avenger and X-Men mixed team taking on someone the likes of the Eternal En Sabah Nur, that should be some next level brilliance.  Was it worth the wait?  Better yet was it everything I had come to expect out of the spectacular Uncanny Avengers?  

Uncanny Avengers #6 opens with a very young Thor, a Thor that is very familiar if you have been reading Jason Aaron’s current run on Thor:God of Thunder.  As the pages continue it becomes apparent that this entire issue is going to be aUncanny Avengers #6 flashback issue.  Flashback issues are the kind of issues I actively try to avoid.  There are filler issues which are usually awful, due to being completely unnecessary.  Then there is the flashback issue, which is usually ten times worse than any filler issue.  Flashbacks are notorious for destroying any and all continuity that has already been set.  But not this time!  Nothing was really altered, nothing was changed, it was simply, how do I put this…developed.  Perhaps it can even be called a friendly reminder.  For anyone who thinks any continuity was changed do a little bit more research because the Celestials and Asgardians has been touched upon before, I promise.

As for the actual issue itself we have been introduced to the next story arc for Uncanny Avengers.  The one man who Apocalypse has some sort of respect for, Kang the Conqueror.  Thor as a brash young Asgardian destroys a treaty between Asgard and the Celestial, in the most awesome of ways I might add.  Even when Thor was a brat he has a still a complete bad ass.  Odin tells Thor it could be tomorrow or in a thousand years but it will have tremendous consequences for everyone.  That is the kind of way I want my new story arc’s to start.

Although the issue isn’t very dialog heavy like previous issues, the big selling point is Daniel Acuña, who has been a tremendous replacement for Cassaday.  Although Cassaday appears to still be doing the covers (Thank God), Daniel fits in perfectly with the dark evil and twisted trauma that this title brings to characters.  Daniel draws a scene where Thor annihilates Apocalypse’s four Horsemen and it is AWESOME!   For every single hater who said Remender hasn’t respected Thor as the greatest warrior in the Marvel Universe, uh there ya go!  For all the haters who have complained about Uncanny Avengers being way too dialog heavy and not enough action.  How about dem’ apples!?

I won’t rant long but about 3 days ago I went around and checked out everyone else’s reviews on Uncanny Avengers, and I was shocked.  Most reviewers have had the gull to call this series a mess, with 2-D characters…are we reading the same book!?  This series is filled with character depth, if anything it is the only series to even acknowledge the animosity between mutants and the rest of the world.   It has everything you want in an Avengers title and all the drama from the X-Men, and splashes of Uncanny X-Force.  How can you possibly say this is a mess?  I would like to see you still be able to say that after this issue.  Do it, I dare you.

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  1. jeffhillwriter 04/14/2013 at 11:15 pm

    No more John Cassaday? That was the whole reason I even considered picking this series up. I guess I'll be waiting for another artist now.

  2. Nick Taylor 04/15/2013 at 1:11 pm

    He still does the covers! :)

    • jeffhillwriter 04/16/2013 at 10:59 pm

      And those covers certainly do kick ass, I'll say that much!

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