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Top Ten Tuesday: Stephen King Comic Series We Want

Jeff Hill 03/18/2014 Features

And now for something completely unexpected and altogether…  scary.  It’s no secret that I, along with millions of others, love the work of the great Stephen King.  It’s also no secret that we here at Comic Booked are a bit nutty about comics.  So why not merge the worlds?  Yes, it’s happened before (and some of them were even pretty decent), but why stop there?  Ideally, we’d get an ongoing Nightmares & Dreamscapes series that would just adapt stories from the mind of the King over and over and over until time stopped, but in the meantime, we’ll just have to beg and hope for the best.  And to be completely honest, this isn’t totally random.  I’m currently teaching Pet Sematary (my favorite book of all time) to my American Lit students.  So it’s, you know, topical and stuff.


Here are my top ten:


1. Firestarter

2. The Shining

3. Salem’s Lot

4. The Dead Zone

5. Pet Sematary

6. Dreamcatcher

7. Carrie

8. 11/22/63

9. Rose Madder

10. IT

Stephen King IT - Top Ten Tuesday

That’s this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, what are your favorites?  Be sure to check out this Saturday’s debate.  And, of course, put your own two cents in while you’re there!

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