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Top Ten Tuesday: A New Weekly Column

Jeff Hill 01/07/2014 Features

Comic Booked is very proud to present a brand new weekly column, each and every Tuesday.  Top Ten Tuesday is going to be a list of my personal favorites (or least favorites) of the comic book world.  Ranging from writers to artists to storylines to movie and TV adaptations and beyond, this weekly column will serve as an overly-competitive sister column to the already famous (or is it infamous?) Stir the Pot Saturday.

So here’s how it’s all going to go down.  Starting next Tuesday, and until I run out of ideas or get assassinated for my controversial opinions, I’ll provide a question for all of you, my loyal readers.  You will get the “hot topic” question, a new one each week, but instead of on Saturdays, you’ll get it on Tuesdays.  And, as a bonus, I’m no longer sticking to the sidelines on this one:  I’m going to start it off with my top ten answers to the question each week.  So you’ll have my opinions on Tuesday, which you can dissect, agree, disagree, or rabble rouse with in the comments section, followed by the rest of the working week to formulate your own thoughts.  Then, I’m asking you to come back on Saturday and help me continue to stir the pot, just like we did all last year.

We have a new commenting system in place, so it’s easier than ever.  So here we go.  I’ll see you back next Tuesday for the first of what will most assuredly be the most fun you can have on the internet without getting arrested!  See you next week!

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Jeff Hill is a moderately reformed frat boy turned writer/teacher living the dream in Lincoln, Nebraska. He does freelance work and writes fiction, none of which is about corn or the husking of corn. His work has appeared in over a dozen publications and his mom has a binder full of printed copies for any doubters. Plus, he's the Chief Creative Officer of Comic Booked. So that's pretty neat, too.

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