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Top Ten Tuesday: DC Characters Who Need to Die

Jeff Hill 03/04/2014 Features

Top Ten Tuesday time!  So when you’re killing off fan-favorite characters who have been around since the 1940s, it seems pretty brave to me as a lifelong reader and fan.  But it also points out that, no matter how good said “death” was, aren’t there several other worthy characters to take a dirt nap?  I mean, yeah, it’s sometimes used as a way to “clean house,” so to speak.  And often times it irritates or even enrages fans more than it wins them over, but hey, it’s comics.  And like it or not, death, speculation, and an awesome (or lame) return is part of the game.  It’s what makes our favorite little hobby just so much fun to begin with, whether you admit it or not.  And let’s face it: the New 52 makes it oh-so easy to off a few characters who didn’t quite translate into the “new” universe.


So here are my top ten:


1. Lois Lane

2. Vibe

3. Joker’s Daughter

4. Stargirl

5. Animal Man

6. Martian Manhunter

7. Katana

8. Black Canary

9. Steve Trevor

10. Arsenal


Joker's Daughter on Top Ten Tuesday


That’s this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, what are your favorites?  Be sure to check out this Saturday’s debate.  And, of course, put your own two cents in while you’re there!

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