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Top Ten Tuesday: Best Current Artists

Jeff Hill 01/28/2014 Features

Welcome back to all of my friends, fans, colleagues, and internet adversaries!  A new week means a new topic.  So let’s quit wasting time and get to it.

Now, I was thinking…  I focus a whole lot on writing for, well, a majority of my time reporting, reviewing, and listing.  And made me realize something: that’s totally unfair.  It’s not on purpose, but I suppose it’s just kind of how we’re all trained to talk about comics.  I mean, it is a visual medium, yes, but for the most part, the art is either good, okay, or great.  Or Rob Liefeld.

Captain America - Rob Liefeld - Top Ten Tuesday debate

Anywho, it’s only fair that I cover the other end of the creative team spectrum.  And since last week’s Top Ten Tuesday was about writers, this week’s list, in no particular order, will focus on artists.

This week’s top ten, in no particular order: Best current artists.


1. Patrick Zircher (The Flash)

2. Greg Capullo (Batman)

3. Michael Lark (Lazarus)

4. Jim Lee (Superman Unchained)

5. Jesus Saiz (Swamp Thing)

6. J. H. Williams III (The Sandman: Overture)

7. David Finch (Forever Evil)

8. Patrick Gleason (Batman and Robin)

9. Ivan Reis (Justice League)

10. Steve Epting (Velvet)


And there they are.  Agree?  Great!  Disagree?  Too bad!  You’ll have to wait until the weekend to voice that opinion.  See you for the same question, in debate format, for this week’s Stir the Pot Saturday.

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