From Robert Vendittithe writer of the New York Times bestselling series The Surrogates, comes a brand-new graphic novel with jaw-dropping artwork from Mike Huddleston. THE HOMELAND DIRECTIVE is a relentless thriller about privacy, national security, and technology’s dark potential — starring a researcher who, framed for murder and on the run from the government, discovers more than she ever imagined.

by Robert Venditti & Mike Huddleston

– 144-page full-color softcover graphic novel

Here’s what critics are saying about The Homeland Directive already:

“Venditti’s cat-mouse thriller demands edge-of-your-seat attention while raising serious questions about terrorism, personal privacy, and government responsibility … excellent writing and plotting, and dead suitable art.” –Library Journal

“An addictive page-turner that feels like an edge-of-your-seat theater experience.” – MTV Splash Page

“The conspiracy at the heart of this superbly paced thriller makes the Illuminati and the New World Order look like rank amateurs.” – Paste Magazine

‎”It’s unlikely you’ll find a book that looks as good as The Homeland Directive this year.” – Robot 6