Top Cow Comics and Image have recently announced a truly epic new project from the team behind the highly successful Artifacts series.  Hitting shelves in February, this new title comes from the mind of Stjepan Sejic, the artist from Artifacts.  The project is to be titled Ravine and will be a trip into more traditional fantasy than Top Cow are currently publishing.

This is a book Sejic has been working on for a long time now and we’ll finally get to see it this year.  Although this project is Sejic’s brainchild, long-time comic book partner Ron Marz will also be joining this book as script writer and editor.  This should intrigue fans who have been enjoying their work together on Artifacts, and it should be interesting to see them working on a brand new title that they can call their own.

Another interesting fact is that this new story will not be a monthly serial like Sejic and Marz’s current work with Top Cow.  Instead, Ravine will be published in graphic novel format.  An interesting thought and something really unique in today’s market.  This decision suggests that Ravine will be a real example of epic fantasy and should be an interesting read.

Check out the official announcement below.



New graphic novel series takes fantasy to new heights.

Longtime collaborators on the Image Comics/Top Cow series ARTIFACTS,Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic have taken their creative partnership to a new level — a creator-owned graphic novel series, RAVINE, starting in February 2013. Epic fantasy at its highest with dragons, magic, and political machinations, is set in the kingdom of Palladia, a world that Sejic has been developing for the past eleven years.

Ravine originated from my desire to make a fantasy comic series that was a full-blooded fantasy tale with rich character development, layered, well-motivated villains, and a deeply detailed world,” said Sejic in a December 20 interview with Comic Book Resources.

The world is one where intrigue and power struggles have so dominated the lives of those who rule — royalty and religious leaders alike — that they are blind to the gathering forces that threaten all of them.

While the story, world, and characters are Sejic’s, Marz acts as scripter and editor. Both creators cite the nature of an epic fantasy as the reason for releasing the series as graphic novels rather than individual issues.

“This story kind of demands to be told in large chunks,” said Marz. “We want this first release to be read as one big story, not serialized, so we’re going straight to the collection. It’s a bigger risk this way, but I think there’s a bigger reward creatively.”

RAVINE: VOLUME ONE (DEC120509), a 160-page graphic novel for $14.99, will be released on February 13.


Sounds like it should be a great read and an interesting new project from Top Cow and two of their finest.  Top Cow fans, let us know what you think.  Excited yet?