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Top Cow Announces Sunset at Emerald City Comic Con!

Rob The Wrecker 04/01/2012 Reviews

Yesterday at Emerald City Comicon Top Cow announced that it would be publishing Sunset through its Minotaur press imprint. Sunset, written by Christos Gage, follows a retired mobster named Nick Bellamy. Bellamy, an enforcer for the Las Vegas mob, had retired to Florida trying to leave his life of crime behind him. The story of Sunset picks up when his life of crime catches up to him, crashing through his front door. This story seems to be out of the norm for a few reasons. Firstly, the age of Bellamy makes him an unusual character for a comic to be focused on. While his age is unusual for Bellamya comic, though not unheard of  (see R.E.D.), the added obstacles of his age and the experiences that come with it will likely make the story more interesting. In addition to his age, this book, along with other new comics such as Blue Estate, seem to be building a new crime drama niche in the comic book world.

Gage, who is currently also writing Marvel’s Avengers Academy, is teaming up with artist Jorge Lucas (no not THAT George Lucas) to bring us Bellamy’s story. Lucas, who is probably best known for his work on various Marvel comics from the past ten years, is no stranger to mob related comics, one of his more prevalent works being the ongoing Darkness comic. Gage explained that while Sunset will be a graphic novel, a 32 page ‘first chapter’ issue will be made available through Top Cow for just a dollar. This preview issue will be made available the same day the graphic novel hits shelves. Both the first chapter and the full graphic novel will be available on July 18th.

As always Sunset will be available for purchase in your local comic shop or in our online shop here.

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  1. Rob The Wrecker 04/01/2012 at 9:51 pm

    A mob drama from the guy that writes Avengers Academy? Awesome!

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