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Top 5 sexiest super hero mullets

Jeff Hill 05/25/2014 Features

Nothing says raw sexual charisma like a great mullet.  Don’t believe me?  Check these beauties out for yourself!

1. Nightwing

Nightwing Mullet
















Cutting out his own path and taking the “New Teen Titans” to just the “New Titans,” former Robin Dick Grayson decided that all bets were off.  And, apparently, Bruce’s trust fund didn’t extend to the hair salon until much, much later.  So edgy!

2. Spider-Man

Spider-Man Mullet

Now that Peter Parker was no longer a 90 pound weakling nerd who couldn’t talk to a girl if his life depended on it, he was all about great fashion-forward decisions.  After all, if you were the Amazing Spider-Man and married to a supermodel, you’d dress in baby blue turtle neck sweaters and grow a mullet, right?  Liar.

3. Venom

Venom Mullet

Speaking of Spider-Man…  What a jerk!  If you want to be taken seriously and defeat the web-head, you’ve got to look the part.  Evil alien symbiote?  Check.  Meat-head wife beater shirt and/or cut-off sleeves when not in costume?  Check.  Scruffy face, angry eyebrows, and a killer mullet?  Check.  You’re ready, Brock.  Go get your villain on!

4. The Nightstalkers

Nightstalkers Mullets

If you’re going to fight the undead, you’ve got to set some ground rules first.  You’ve got to be inclusive and get yourself a black guy.  You’ve got to be prepared and get yourself an arsenal.  You’ve got to be scholarly and get yourself an expert.  And above all else, you’ve got to be classy and get yourself a mullet.  Or, in this threesome’s case, two.

5. Superman

Superman Mullet

Superman died.  Superman came back to life.  Superman had a mullet.  Maybe Clark should have just stayed dead, come to think of it.


And that’s that.  The best comic book mullets in all of comic book history!  Not feeling the mullet?  Well, then here’s an old school pin-up style picture of Stan “The Man” Lee at his most vulnerable.  Enjoy!

Stan Lee Sexy


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