Well, to start things up, I hope everyone enjoyed the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. We are all looking forward to setting ourselves up for new years resolutions, recovering from all the fun drinks that we’ve had, and looking forward to the new video games that are coming out of this year.  Just to let every single one of you know, there are a *huge* amount of video games coming out this year alone, and though some of my own are either held back until 2012, or carries on without a release date, there are plenty to play out in the new year.

By chance, I had taken a pole of what people are looking forward to the most, and after some settle criticism on the part of my choices for what video games that I chose to look forward to, and having to write down extra games on the list, the results are in!  Here is the top Five most Anticipated video games coming out in 2011 that we know of.

5:  Dragon Age 2

When first did the research, I found myself curious when I watched a large, bearded man whom fought with a high ranking demon, then started to glow, demonic-style and tore apart the demon with his power, all on one trailer.  It seemed a bit more action packed than the first, which that game  in itself was fun, though some of the dungeons were far too long, and I found myself financially broke far too many times to count.

Bioware seems to have taken a few of the bugs out from the first game, and watching a fight sequence over a video, I must admit that the fighting is far more impressive, and that choosing between going into a full melee fight, or stopping momentarily before the battle begins to plan a huge strategy that will grant very little damage to your NPC helpers left me somewhat drooling.  This sequel has also upgraded the graphics from the first, the fighting sequences felt a good amount more fluent and I couldn’t tell if I was watching the sequel of Dragon Age, or if I was watching a video game with the engine of God of War, replacing Kratos with a dual-short-sword Ninja.
Release date:  March 8th


4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I should be ashamed of myself, I truly should.  When I was in high school I lacked the opportunity to playing Deus Ex.  Ever since then I felt bad for not being able to play this video game that was heavily influenced with a Cyberpunk style of appearance, and every time I watch videos of the game play of the first and second games, I whimpered into a little corner and truly missed out on something awesome.

…Deus Ex: Revolution I will not miss out!  I will prevail and play it so I don’t miss out of the wave of awesomeness.  Seriously, though, every video, trailer, and info I received for this game showed me that it will rock your world, and mine when I get it.  The Gameplay is fluent, the city itself is a cyberpunk’s heaven, and you get to play as Adam Jenson, a private security officer, aka. The assassin that will whip the companies’ enemies’ asses if they ever try to go against the company.  And again, here’s the city, I just can’t eye it enough on how beautiful it looks.  Sure it’s a brown color scheme, but it’s awesome and I don’t want you ever forget that!
Release date:  April 2011, or later…

Star Wars: Old Republic

Female Imperial Agent

When I heard that when Star Wars finally got themselves an MMORPG, I was a little surprised and thought they should have already had it earlier.  Still, the first few videos confused me, as while I wasn’t a heavy study in the mythos of Star Wars, what they had in the video for the game made very little sense.  Then I found out that the video game was approximately 3,500 years prior to Darth Vader’s rise to power.  Plus, looking at all the information that I was starting to gather, it started to make sense..

Unsurprisingly, the side of the Republic carries Troopers, Smugglers, Jedi Knight, and Jedi Counsulor.  Each class carries their own uniqueness that it would be fun to test them all.   What hooked me was the Sith Empire, with their Bounty Hunters, Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent, and Sith Inquisitor.  Funny that what got me was the Imperial Agent, who’s powers remind me a bit much of another class of character from another video game I love to play.  This does not make me hate the game, Oh No.  I’ve been wanting to play that class of character for Years, and Star Wars brings it to me.  Go Star Wars for making my dreams come true!!

But overall, if you’re looking for a brand new MMOPRG, then Star Wars: Old Republic is for you!
Release Date:  Q2/Q3 of 2011

2: Batman: Arkham City

Well, to get this out of my system: OMG!! The-Batman-Arkham-Asylum-was-freaking-awesome-and-a-sequel!-Gasp!-Heart-Attack!

…Still with me?  Good.  When Batman Arkham Asylum came out, it was a dream come true (if you hadn’t noticed).  The thrill of playing as Batman himself, rushing right in, taking out a few dozen guards with fluent motions of action, or picking them off like a bat out of hell was fun enough, but the scenery was good, the characters were all interesting, and the scenario was all just one beautiful blast.

So when I heard that there is a sequal in mind, and being built, I was thrilled!  I loved the idea from the get-go.  Plus, it was going to be placed in the city, so thus you would have the opportunity to go out into the world and run into a good majority of the villains.  Plus, upon note, they had named each villain that’s meant to make an appearance.  However, what truly got my attention was the trailer, in which Batman faces off against a few highly trained men, who lose easily to him.  It was a set up to test the Batman by none other than…Hugo Strange, one of the Rogue Gallery that’s almost not mentioned half the time, yet he’s far dangerous than the rest, due to the fact that he knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne.  All in all, it’s a game that coming and everyone is going to grab for it like hungry zombies, and Arkham City is that hot blonde bombshell that everyone sees on magazines.
…You get the point…
Release Date:  Q3 2011


1. Portal 2

Y’know, I will let you all on a secret of mine, a shameful secret that I’d normally rather roll over and die than to actually admit it…but here goes…

…I never played Portal.  THERE, I said it.  Actually, I ended up watching it over the shoulder of my best friend, who often times just shows me how awesome games are, and wants to show me the coolest parts.  For Portal, he ended up showing me the majority of the game, and in truth, I was ashamed at myself for *not* getting the game and playing it to my hearts content.  Now?  I have the technology, but just hadn‘t had the time to get it from a nearby video game store…makes me sad..

So, I was sort of surprised when the sequel came to my attention, and at first I was a little surprised and apprehensive about the game, mostly due to how it mixes with the plot, then I finally read it, making a bit more sense to me..

Chell, having been recaptured and put into Stasis for several hundred years, is awoken to find herself in a place that is in disarray.  Come to find out that the Aperture Science Facility is pretty much decimated and GLaDOS is still pretty irritated for having been ‘killed’ by Chell.  So thus, for science, GLaDOS puts Chell in the chambers once again to test her out.
It was an interesting way of bringing the game back, plus there seems to be a dozen more gadgets to make the game far more interesting now.  There is also a co-op mode now, in which two robots are built and given the portal-devices to test the ability of two individuals instead of one.

It’s a simple, but great game that I am hoping to get a copy of as soon as it first comes out.  Plus, I want to see the hijinx that me and my buddy can do on Co-op.
Release Date:  April 18, 2011

And for all the runner ups that were on the polls, or were soon written on the polls:  Alice Madness Returns,  Brink, Crysis 2, Deadspace 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Gears of War 3, Guild Wars 2, I am Alive, Infamous 2, the Last Guardian, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mass Effect 3, Mortal Kombat, Rage, Skyward Sword, Shogun 2: Total War, Uncharted 3, the Witcher 2

And as for two video games that people have asked for.  Unfortunately, as I found out too late, or I know the corporation well enough to know that they will not be a part of this year, unless they surprise us all.  In which it will be a happy surprise and thank you for the gifts so Early!  Bioshock Infiinite and Diablo III.  We hope we shall see you both very, very soon.

Well, here’s the top 5 most anticipated video games, I hope you enjoyed finding out any further information!  Happy hunting!