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Top 5 Canadian Characters You Know (And One You Probably Don’t)

Kelly Cassidy 07/03/2012 Features

This past Sunday was Canada Day, the day in which Canadians celebrate the birth of our nation much as the Americans celebrate Independence Day. We celebrate our heritage through poking fun at ourselves (such as the infamous commercial and the parody of it done by sci-fi’s own William Shatner, through to Canadian comedy group The Arrogant Worms singing this song) and people both shake their heads and join in laughing with us. Although we have yet to reach our bicentennial as a formal country, we do have a lot to celebrate when it comes to entertainment.

We’ve brought the good (the aforementioned William Shatner, Michael J. Fox ), the bad (Justin Bieber, Nickelback) and the indifferent (James Cameron), but in comics we are not the most represented country in the world. Those Canadians that are somewhat known, though, are definitely well-known. This is my personal top 5 Canadian comic characters you need to be aware of. (NOTE: There are no DC characters here. Why? Because in my questions I could find only 3. DC, you need to step up your game!)

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Kelly Cassidy has been collecting comics for around 30 years and can actually list the first comic he bought with his own money. By day, he works as a technology manager and community leader in web technologies, presenting at web conferences around Canada. By night, he struggles to actually create the list of comics he owns as he keeps adding more to his collection. He also struggles with talking in third person.

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