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ThunderCats Ho! On the Nintendo DS

Michael Wirth 04/22/2012 Games and Gaming

Fans of the Cartoon Network show, ThunderCats, seem to be getting mixed signals lately. Following a press release from the cable television channel announcing their up-fronts for the coming season, the reboot of the popular 80s cartoon was surprisingly absent, replaced by the likes of Beware the Batman and a show based on a YouTube video. However, it’s recently been revealed that a game based on the series, the new series, is in the works for the Nintendo DS.

ThundercatsBeing developed by Aspect Digital, the same team that brought Naruto: Ninja Council series of games to the GameBoy Advance, and published by Namco Bandai, ThunderCats will follow the plot line of the new series. Players guide Lion-O through the lizard armies, as he tries to stop the evil Mumm-Ra. Or at least, that’s mostly what I assume the game will be like as there aren’t many details about the plot yet.

The game will be a side-scrolling beat-em-up. Though players only control Lion-O through the different levels, they can call upon the other ThunderCats for help, most likely using their special abilities in particular cases, such as Cheetara’s super speed or Panthro’s mechanical expertise.

But, why develop a game for the DS and not the 3DS, which is the direction Nintendo is hoping publishers go? Considering the prevalence of the Nintendo DS, having been the best selling console in history, the move makes sense. So far, sales of the 3DS have not been up to snuff of it’s predecessor, and given the 3DS’ backwards compatibility, those that do own the newer handheld aren’t left in the lurch.



So, given the hand that Cartoon network has revealed, do you think the timing is right for a ThunderCats game? Or are Aspect Digital wasting their efforts on a property that is on the outs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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