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This series is one of the biggest turnarounds in Marvel NOW. Most fans looked forward to this sick team of killers and misfits, just to be disappointed with the writing and art. HOWEVER ever since Charles Soule picked up the book, it has been incredible.


Starting in issue 20, Ghost Rider has joined the Thunderbolts and needless to say along  with Carlo Barberi’s art, the book is amazing. This issue follows the pattern of the book slowly finding itself and the team having great chemistry.

Without spoiling the issue, this was another great addition thanks to the writing of Mr. Soule. The dialogue between the characters was witty and most of the jokes landed very strong. The only fear one could have, is that they are hitting the, “horrible Ghost Rider movies,” jokes a lot and that could get stale if not done more seldom.

One of the biggest highlights from the book in my opinion, is how Charles Soule writes the character of Deadpool. There is a method to Deadpool’s madness and this issue does a great job of setting up something potentially great. The constant banter between Ghost Rider and Venom was really great and hopefully that tone stays consistent. This arc is moving along with a good pace and for the most part is rather tame from violence, but as we can tell from the previous arc, Soule isn’t afraid to get violent. Without spoiling anything, this arc seems like it will contain more violence in the near future.

As far as some of the negatives go, there isn’t much. The art is top notch and the team feels like a team of misfits. The only thing that could be trouble is the way Ghost Rider is portrayed. In this issue and even the previous issue, Ghost Rider seems very comedic and carefree. This isn’t a problem so far because for the most part, I’m just happy to see him in Marvel NOW. Plus the jokes Ghost Rider makes land very well. Again Ghost Rider’s sense of humor isn’t a problem yet, but if he becomes a Deadpool type character then that wouldn’t be correct to his nature.

This was a very good issue and I personally can’t wait for what’s coming next. Charles Soule has really turned this book around and fans that dropped the book earlier should really get back on board now!


In this episode we review Superior Spider-Man #26 and Thunderbolts #21. This issue of Spider-Man, we feel was a little too much filler. Thunderbolts was a pleasant surprise honestly.

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