It has been a crazy, busy, fun weekend with Avacyn releasing on Friday and a new special promo from WOTC for FNM. Waves of people for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday capped by the great band, Stereo Cult, playing a gig.

To wrap the whole deal up its time for Magic the Gathering fighters to enter that type II ring and display their prowess. THROWDOWN IV begins at noon and you best bring the good stuff. Im sure Hunter will be ready to see if he can put another ring on his finger. He has taken home the top spot twice in this division. I hear contender number one, Richard, will not be able to make it this time so someone else has to step up and see if Hunter is vulnerable.

THROWDOWN IV is a FREE type II tournament and the winner takes home a sealed box of Avacyn Restored. If 32 or more players are in attendance we even add another box to the prize pool. Do not miss your chance to get your NO FEE JUST FUN card punched and take your shot at the prize all for FREE.

We still have plenty of Avacyn Restored boosters, boxes, fat packs, and singles for those that need more or those that have not even started on this set yet. We also will be getting a restock on Monday that includes all the cool Ultra Pro supplies for Avacyn Restored.