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This isn’t your Parents Superman

Comic Booked Guest Writer 04/11/2011 Features, ZDONOTUSE

This is not a press release or an editorial as much as it is a rabid fan’s observation.

As you might already know, Superman “The Man of Steel” is expected to begin filming this summer for a 2012 December release. Also as you might know the cast so far includes Henry Cavill playing the title character Superman and secret identity Clark Kent. Lois Lane will be portrayed by Amy Adams, Kevin Costner will play Jonathan Kent (I hope he doesn’t cut down his cornfield in this one) and Diane Lane will star as Martha Kent which I have mixed feelings about.

As far as a cast, I feel they will make a solid believable story and the only reason I have mixed feelings about Diane Lane is because I find her very attractive; and somehow being attracted to “Ma” Kent just seems wrong.

I remember watching Christopher Reeve’s Superman as a young kid and when it made it to the small screen on Channel 6’s Sunday night movie my Mom let me stay up and watch it, well at least until Clark Kent created his fortress of solitude. (I can almost hear John William’s score playing now.) I was forced to go to bed but stayed up listening to the television from her room peaking down the hallway to try to glimpse Superman flying across the sky.

In Richard Donner’s Superman II, Lex Luthor escaped jail and teamed with General Zod to take down Superman (and all Lex wanted was Australia). I loved the end when Zod fought Superman in the Fortress of Solitude and it was Superman’s wit not brawn that defeated the General.

Although the buzz on the internet, from what I’ve read, is mixed on General Zod being the feature villain, with most of it negative. I however am stoked (is there an age restriction on using the word stoked?)

Now let us get to what you might not have known. Warner Brothers announced Academy Award Nominee Michael Shannon will play General Zod. I, of course in my undying inquisitive nature, had to see who this new person was and was slightly aghast that he was around since 1992 (acting anyway, he was born in 1974) I checked his acting credits and was impressed by his almost twenty years of work including a part in “Groundhog Day” (I might have to watch that one again). With the length of time he has acted and his amazing portrayal in “Revolutionary Road” I hope he will be able to give half the performance originally presented on the silver screen by Terrance Stamp.

My main worry, since I first saw Superman when I was a kid, and at that time the movie was larger than life, both Superman I and II (do I have to mention the sad disappointed feelings I felt watching Superman III. No offense to the late Richard Pryor), how could this re-launch compete? What eases my mind is among all the producers, the name that stands out is Christopher Nolan. I loved his work helming the Batman re-launch how could I not look forward to Superman: Man of Steel which happens to written by David S Goyer from a story by Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan.  Zack Snyder (Sucker Punch, Watchmen, 300) is set to direct but Nolan will have significant creative input in the process.

I have no idea what kind of Actor Michael Shannon is but with his extensive movie and television roles I plan on finding out and then I only have to wait to see what kind of General Zod he will play. A slight side note totally unrelated to the above mentioned movie but it might help make you think, I seem to remember how people felt when Heath Ledger was hired to portray The Joker.

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