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This isn’t Your Father’s Avengers

Comic Booked Guest Writer 10/24/2012 Features, Reviews

Every Wednesday, I go visit my Dad for coffee and get my weekly comic books. For me the coffee is just as important as the comics. It isn’t often my father will enter the store with me; most of the times he just waits outside for me and holds my coffee if I haven’t finished it yet. It was a light week for me this week, which is probably a good thing  because I spent quite a bit of money at NYCC. I walked out after purchasing only three brand new comic books. My father and I enjoyed a casual walk back to the 15th street station where he sits and blows me kisses until the train sets off. This would be embarrassing if I were still a teenager, but I am not and I love the amount of time that I spend with him and his willingness to join me on my endeavors.

The first book I read was The Ultimates. I love this whole ‘divided we fall, united we stand’ story line going on. Unfortunately with my growing CGC habit and my diminishing habitual space I planned on dropping the whole series. Which is rough because at one point I tried collecting them all, because in a universe where anything can happen is usually a bit more fun and adventurous to read. The sad part is what excited me beyond belief was not the book itself but an article that fell on page eight and nine.

If it is not known to you before, let me make it known to you now. My Favorite series was the New Mutants from the eighties. This original team of Cannonball, Karma, Psyche (which changed to Mirage), Wolfspane, and Sunspot evolved and changed over the years. Two of my favorite Characters came from this series which were Magik and Cannonball. I remember a story that  Cannonball and Professor Xavier were having a discussion about a closed fist and an open hand. Cannonball showed his former teacher that a closed fist could also protect while an open hand could sting. To me it was such a pivotal story and so profound it solidified Cannonball as one of my top five favorite characters.

Now all these years later after such promising hopes for this character and exclamation of joy escaped my lips while riding public transportation home from my LCS I finally see the advertisement for Avengers #1 and Cannonball is harrowing towards the front lines lead by Captain America. I still dislike the number ones as a relaunch, but I am really looking forward to this book; something I haven’t done in a long time. Okay Marvel, even after angering me by cancelling  New Mutants you have my attention. Bravo


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  1. Jordamus_Prime 10/24/2012 at 7:00 pm

    It's always awesome to see your favorite characters get put into prominent roles in a big name series! Congrats Cannonball!

  2. kcassidy 10/25/2012 at 11:00 am

    Cannonball was majorly underused… He had so much potential to be a leader and he was used to an extent, but not to his fullest… This should let him get the attention he deserves.

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