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All Things Writerly: Fiction Friday is Coming

Posted on Feb 14, 2014 by in Features | 0 comments

Fiction Friday

Welcome back, friends!  As Chief Creative Officer of Comic Booked, I get the privilege to do some long-term planning for the future of the company with some really great folks.  And though most of the behind-the-scenes work here involves debates on who would win in fights between various heroes and villains of our favorite monthly titles, we do occasionally have to discuss, plan, and grow.  So, as with all companies, we have meetings, chats, and goals.  And since quite a few of my goals have been reached already in just one short month of what is shaping up to be our best year yet, I figured I’d share some good news with all of you:

We will be continuing to do our regular reviews and occasional news pieces, but if you look at our newly-reformatted (and altogether fancy-schmancy-looking, if I do say so myself) theme here on Comic Booked, you’ll notice that we’ve added something unique that separates us from the rest of the comics journalism world: We are officially the “columns site” now.  Our features are interactive, shared by many, and enjoyed by regular (and even new) readers on a regular schedule now.  We have one for every single day of the week and they are all, you guessed it, weekly.  Now we haven’t forgotten or abandoned old columns (in fact, some will be making their triumphant return in the relatively soon future).  Nosireebob.  We just have regular ones for you to check each and every week.  Other features will show up every now and then (like this one, for example) and those’ll just be neat little bonuses.

Here’s a quick rundown of our regular (or soon-to-be regular) columns:


Monday’s Picks of the Week

Top Ten Tuesday

Wednesday What If

Thursday’s Valiant Effort

Fiction Friday

Stir the Pot Saturday

Small Press Sunday Spotlight


Fiction Friday


Not to mention the continuation of Bullet Reviews, Comics Confidential, Furious Outrage, Make Mine Marvel Again, and many, many more!

Also, if you haven’t done so already, be sure you’re checking out other columns (and great news, reviews, and opinion pieces as well) on our brother and sister sites, Screen Rebellion and Video Game Rebellion.  They’ve got some fresh takes on two other aspects of the uber-growing geek industry (and they’re friends, so check them out and be nice while you’re there).

Exciting times.

But I digress.  And I’m now remembering, in all of my excitement, what this thing is all about.  Announcements are nice, yes, but this one in particular is something special to me.  Fridays (as named above in both the title and the list) are going to be devoted entirely to fiction that you can read here on Comic Booked.  We want to treat you all to a piece of original fiction each and every Friday.  Some will be flash fiction.  Others will be short stories.  We might even anthologize a longer piece if there is interest in such a tale.

So come.  Join us.  All the cool kids’ll be there.

Fiction Fridays

Monday’s Picks of the Week and Fiction Friday starting soon!

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