Yes, you crazy Walking Dead lovers, the rumors have come true. The video game following the loved series “The Walking Dead” has been announced by Telltale Games. There will be a series of video games to be released for multiple consoles and platforms. It will be a year to year deal kind of like the Call of Duty Series and according to Robert Kirkman, the first game will be released in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Telltale is a great developer known for their line of adventure games like Sam & Max, Monkey Island and most recently Back to the Future. Telltale is  also currently at work on games based off of Jurassic Park and the just announced Fables game.

At this point in the game’s development it is still unclear as to what the game has to offer as well as to exactly what systems it will be on – it has been announced that it will be on the PC, Mac, consoles, handhelds, mobile, and social platforms, but none specific. It also hasn’t been determined what genre the game will be –Kirkman told IGN, “The game is at an early stage, and we’re in the process of mapping this all out now.” One thing that we do know is that the video game will take place in the comic book world and will play out over many chapters, as Telltale are known for and normally do.

The comic book series was adapted into an AMC television series last October 2010. The first season will be out on DVD and Blu-ray on March 8 2011, with the second season set to appear on our screens in October of 2011.