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The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoiler: Someone Is Going To Die

Bill Ivie 06/04/2014 Movies and TV

The Walking Dead has enjoyed some level of success due to the willingness to kill a main character at various points in the show.  It should come as very little surprise that the upcoming season will continue this trend.  The character that appears to have spent his last day among the living may shock some people.

The Walking Dead Steven YeunDrawing some inspiration from the comic, the show appears to be ready to say goodbye to Glenn Rhee, played by Steven Yeun.  Glenn’s death is a rumor that has surfaced on various sites recently and seems to be traced back to the Facebook page The Spoiling Dead Fans.  Similar to the comic, where Glenn was recently killed in the landmark 100th issue, the character was highly featured right up to his death.  In fact, Glenn received screen time in every episode to date of The Walking Dead.  In the comics, Glenn had appeared in more issues than any character other than Rick Grimes.

There will remain a lot of speculation around how exactly Glenn will be killed on air.  The show has never stayed extremely close to the comic book for story inspiration and it is safe to assume that it will not in this instance either.  In the comic, Glenn was killed by Negan, the leader of a group called “The Saviors”.  Rick’s group had killed a number of Saviors and Negan decided to take retribution by killing someone in return.  Despite his fear that killing Glenn would make him look racist, he ultimately decided to go ahead with it.  Negan turned to Lucille, his barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat, to do the deed and smashed Glen’s head in as the young man called out for his wife, Maggie.

Negan is a character that will likely be hard to replicate on the screen due to his brash nature and overly colorful language.  Finding a way to introduce the character to television audiences while staying true to the inspiration from the comics may prove an impossible challenge for A&E.

Saying goodbye to Glenn at this point in the show will not comes as an easy transition for fans.  Last season spent a lot of time focusing on the relationship between Glenn and Maggie.  Throughout the season and recent episodes, fans have been given the opportunity to emotionally invest themselves in the young man.

How do you feel about the news?  Will Glenn’s death influence how you watch the show?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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