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The Third Army Rises – Green Lantern Crossover begins this October.

David Vandervliet 09/04/2012 ZDONOTUSE

The Guardians of the Universe have long sought to bring order to the chaos of the universe.

Don’t mistake that for being good guys.

Sure they created the Green Lantern Corps to protect and serve the universe, to root out chaos and bring peace.

But the Lanterns were not the first force for universal order the Guardians created.  First came the Manhunters, but they were without emotion.  It was this cold and unfeeling nature that brought about the destruction of all life in an entire space sector.   Billions of lives lost, in the name of cold logical order. So next the Guardians created the Green Lantern Corps, tapping the center of the emotional spectrum, the power of will, believing it the most stable.  But after the events of the Blackest Night, and the War of the Green Lanterns, the little blue guys have decided that they have taken the wrong approach again, and that it is free will itself that is bringing chaos. So they needed start over again, and elimate free will from all life, in order to preserve order.  To do that they’ll need to raise a Third Army.

Of course,  their current army may have something to say about all this.

If you haven’t read last week’s Green Lantern Annual, you better check it out before picking up this week’s zero issue of Green Lantern, ​otherwise you  might be confused why there is no one you recognize wearing an emerald ring.

But what will this Third Army be?  And who or what is this ​First Lantern?  ​How does he fit into the creation of the Guardians?  Is he  related to the Green Lantern Corps?  Or the emotional entities that inhabit the power batteries of all the corps?  Where did he come from?   That is what Green Lantern’s writer, and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns talked to DC’s blog the Source about the First Lantern and the Third Army.

“Who the First Lantern is and what his role will be in the upcoming Green Lantern universe will come into play very, very quickly,” hinted GREEN LANTERN writer Geoff Johns. “The being inside has been imprisoned there for a long, long time. The Guardians consider him their greatest threat, but also their greatest source of power. Whether he’s friend or foe will be up for debate, but regardless he is one of the potentially most dangerous beings in existence.”

It’s clear that there is no love lost between this Lantern, and the Guardians, but the Guardians need the power he has to bring about their new soldiers of order. The heartless, will-less automatons they plan on using to bring about their final order.

And what role will the Ancient Oans who were locked in Chamber of Shadows play, if any?  How will they react to having failed to keep their oath to keep the First Lantern trapped in the Chamber?

There is a lot of chatter on the internet about how ​Hal Jordan, ​the previous Green Lantern is being treated going into this next major Lantern story arc, ​Rise of the Third Army.  ​If you still haven’t read the GL annual, spoiler alert….  Hal Jordan, and Sinestro are both apparently killed, and their rings are merged back together (Remember Sinestro had given Hal his current ring, after Hal was drummed out of the Corps at the end of the War of the Green Lanterns) and goes in search of a new ring bearer.

This upcoming storyline will begin after next month’s zero issues and will run thru issues 13-16 of all three Green Lantern titles, as well as Red Lanterns.  This storyarc obviously have huge repercussions across all 7 of the Lantern Corps, and will probably be felt across the DCU.   What is the ultimate fate of Hal Jordan, is he really deceased?  And if he is, will he fulfill the prophecy of the unknown writer of the Book of the Black and become the greatest Black Lantern ever?





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