It’s been a busy week for Valiant Comics, as each day they have been announcing an upcoming  ongoing series  in what promises to be the biggest relaunch of the year.  And now the final book of the “Summer of Valiant”  is known,  and “it’s  B.C. meets A.D.D.” in ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #1  this August.

Archer and Armstrong 1But who are Archer  & Armstrong?  In the old Valiant universe, Archer was a seeker of righteousness, the world’s greatest unarmed fighter, an expert with most ranged weapons. At age eleven, his corrupt parents attempted to murder him, and succeeded momentarily. But somehow, Archer came back to life, filled with a burning purpose—to bring his parents to justice and fight evil such as theirs wherever it flourished.  Armstrong is a ten-thousand-year old drunk, incredibly strong and incredibly tough. He has given up his youthful idealism  millennia ago.  Armstrong was Aram, the brother of Gilla Anna-Padda, the Eternal Warrior.

This title, along with X-O Manowar, Harbinger, and Bloodshot make up the core titles of the Valiant’s new universe.  The original Valiant universe was known for it’s high level of continuity and interconnectivity and there has been no reason to not expect them to continue that tradition.

While they have announced the upcoming four titles, the creative teams for Bloodshot and Archer & Armstrong have not been named.

The Summer of Valiant…

4 Titles, 4 Months,


Summer of Vraliant XO Manowa


Summer of Valiant - Harbinger


Bloodshot #1