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The Sequel to Fly is on its Way!

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The sequel to Fly is on its way, and we’ve got the photo evidence to prove it!  I didn’t have the pleasure of reviewing the five issue series when it first came out (it was before my time here) but it’s absolutely something I would have called dibs on!  The title and premise are instant hooks.  Flight is without a doubt one of the most glamorous A-list superpowers out there, and the idea that you have to take a drug to get it gives the story a gritty real world kind of feel, even after an actual super powered individual is revealed.  The narrative is a little nonlinear, but not so much that it’s disruptive.  In fact I think it’s woven together well enough to give a satisfying flow to the partition of information, especially as the plot thickens.  The art changes styles for the flashbacks, and of course those famously enticing Zenescope covers are often worth the price of admission alone!  Fly can be really enjoyable on the surface level, but it’s also a very personal story from power hitting writer Raven Gregory.  Remember the line from Spider-Man, “no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, the ones I love will always be the ones who pay”?  Peter Parker was talking about his powers and identity, but the phrase is also bitingly true in the world of addiction.  The parable here might not be buried too deeply, but Fly could be the most poignant take on the subject since Green Arrow’s sidekick became addicted to heroin.  Someday it could be as well remembered and often referenced.

The follow up series is called  Fly: The Fall, and is scheduled for a November 7th release.

Remember those enticing covers I mentioned?  Here’s the set from the upcoming first issue, variants and all, along with some preview pages as well!


cover for the sequel to Fly



an alternate cover for Fly: The Fall


Fly: The Fall coming soon from Zenescope


Fly the Fall Comic preview


a preview page from Fly


Fly Sequel Preview comics


preview Fly: The Fall coming soon from Zenescope


Fly 2 Page Preview We think that new comics day on November 7th can’t come soon enough! What are your thoughts on Fly? After you go out and buy Fly: The Fall, be sure to come back and let us know what you thought of the book!

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  1. davidgillette 11/06/2012 at 12:00 am

    Some nice artwork on this series. Usually its the covers that are the best, but the interior art looks better.

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