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The New 52 T-shirt For Free Comic Book Day 2012

Comic Booked 10/13/2011 ZDONOTUSE

I am a T-shirt fanatic.  I love T-shirts, especially if they have anything to do with comic books, superheroes or other nerd related stuff.  If I won the lottery, one of my first stops would be somewhere I could buy any and all nerd related T-shirts I could get my hands on.

Imagine my delight when I read this article from DC Comics’ The Source about the new T-shirt being designed for Free Comic Book Day 2012.  Not only will it be based on The New 52, but none other than Jim Lee will be doing the art.  Pretty exciting news, huh?

Here is the official release from DC Comics.

Diamond announced today that next year’s Free Comic Book Day t-shirt will feature DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. Oh and Jim Lee has agreed to do the art for the custom shirt. Last year’s shirt with art by Darwyn Cooke was pretty amazing. What will Jim cook up?

May is still a long way off and we don’t have the design to share just yet, so everybody who loves free comic books (and t-shirts) should keep checking THE SOURCE for updates.


Now if I had unlimited funds, it would work like this — I’d have one shirt to wear and one to display.  Come to think of it, I would also need quite a bit of space to display all my awesome tees — but whoever said being a nerd was easy.  With a closet already busting at the seams and Free Comic Book Day still eight months away, the question for me now is will I still have room then?

Is it dignified for a grown adult male to own so many T-shirts?  Well I say to you:  heck yes.  My wife has her ever growing collection of shoes and handbags, and I have my coveted tees.

This is The Nerd and you’ve just been Comic Booked, baby!

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