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The New 52, an Anniversary Expo

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A year ago I waited in the comic book shop for the first batch of the New 52 to be placed on the shelves. The holiday weekend postponed the books being placed in their proper positions by an hour. The staff rapidly put the comics away as the throng of eager collectors awaited for them to finish. I was among them. I had planned to purchase four books each week from the New 52. This never happened. The time that the books took to make their way to the shelf gave me an equal amount of time to look at the four prospects for the week. The previous week only had the Justice League arrive on the stands and showed promise for my secondary choice of comic books.

New 52I picked my choices of the racks and skimmed through them as others were placed. This gave me time to put them all back. As much as DC Comics gambled with their new direction and as much as I decided to give them a chance I had to pass. This new world would not empty me of my pockets. Out of the sixteen I originally planned to get I chose four. I picked Aquaman, Teen Titans, Batman & Robin and the aforementioned Justice League. Aquaman was a surprise hit and slowly made it as one of the books that should be last to read, even against my beloved Marvel titles.

Now, a year later, I dropped the Teen Titans, I was slightly upset that they tried to get me to read a few other annuals by crossing over into other titles. I was lost in this story and felt that if they thought that we, as the reader, were not smart enough to understand what was going on in issue #897 of a series then I might as well quit when this compilation of story had me bewildered. They made new rules with their gamble and I am just playing along in their universe. I also dropped Batman & Robin. Although I like the thought of Batman being a father, the book lost its appeal as a monthly pick up. I might decree to get them in trades.

The two that are left were also released and would have had trouble deducing what to read last with my favorite title ever, the New Mutants. So the beautiful fan boy wet dream of Superman and Wonder Woman kissing on the cover versus the latest with Aquaman’s other team both won against my favorite title but did lose to a one shot by IDW. There were many people upset about the new #1s, of which I was one, and now they even have all new zero issues. Does anyone remember that craze in the nineties?

Rob LiefeldSo what should DC do after a year? How are they going to garnish new readers now that the original 2 are hitting their teens, not to mention some of them were canceled, which should show anyone that it is good story and art that keeps readers going strong, just ask Rob Liefeld…um OK, bad example. That leaves my one humble opinion, one year later on the anniversary of the semi New 52. Pick up the Justice League and pick up Aquaman for good solid story and art, as for every other god forsaken title…give them a chance but be warned, they might start over again at #1 when they get confused.


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PS. The above is a rant and in no way is felt by any other writer of and myself. As for Rob Liefeld, I don’t know the full extreme of what is going on in the comic book business world, but he did stave off any dislike of the New Mutants I could have had with issue #87 twenty years ago and for that I will be eternally grateful, but currently, he can stop being a pompous ass.

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