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The Joker’s Digital April Fool’s Day Sale

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April Fools is bringing us a digital sale that is no joke.

For 3 days, fans of the Joker will have access to a deal for over 80 issues featuring the Clown Prince of Crime. The official DC Comics press release from The Source is below.

Why so serious?


This April Fool’s Day, DC Digital Comics is offering a special sale on over 80 comic book issues starring the Joker that are sure to put a smile on your face.


All issues are only 99 cents each—and that’s no joke!


You’ll get to experience the Clown Prince of Crime’s most defining moments throughout his infamous career of comic mayhem. He’ll make you laugh till it hurts, whether with his very first appearance in BATMAN #1, his deadly deeds in THE KILLING JOKE and “Death in the Family,” his world-changing hijinks in “Emperor Joker,” the madness of “Going Sane,” and much, much more.


The 3-Day sale begins on 3/31/12! Get these comics while you can before you miss out and the joke’s on you!


Joker digital sale

All joking aside, this deal IS serious. The Joker is one of the most popular villains ever created, brought to life on screen and voiced in animated form by legendary actors such as Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson,Health Ledger, and Mark Hamill. Everyone knows who he is, and many consider him Batman’s greatest villain. Will you be building your digital collection with some of Jokers greatest hits?  Head on over to Comixology to grab them starting March 31st.

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