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The Greatest Supervillains of All Time

Rob The Wrecker 04/01/2012 Reviews

Apirl 1st, 2012- For several weeks I have been debating with some of my fellow Comic Booked staffers about who the absolute best super villains of all time are. Someone has made a case for just about every villain that can be thought of. After these weeks of debate we decided to make a list of the 10 greatest villains of all time. Whittling down the list to just 10 was a grueling process and took weeks of debate. Finally I present to you, the top 10 super villains of all time.

Angelo Fortunato#10 Venom (Angelo Fortunato)
First Appearance: Marvel Knights #7
Origin: The son of infamous crime boss Don Fortunato, Angelo was never quite the man his father expected him to be. To fix his sons ineptitude, Don Fortunato purchased the Venom symbiote from Eddie Brock when he decided to go clean.
Current Whereabouts: Unfortunately, Angelo Fortunato was ultimately rejected by the Venom symbiote, in mid-air, while fleeing a confrontation with Spiderman and the local police. Fortunato plummeted to his death while Venom eventually moved on to Mac Gargan.

Mole Man#9 Mole Man
First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1
Origin: While on an exploration expedition with the Monster Hunters, socially awkward Harvey Rupert Elder inadvertently discovered the realm of Subterranea. After becoming partially blind due to staring at some really shiny diamonds he went on to become the ruler of a sect of Subterraneans who later became known as the Moloids.
Current Whereabouts: Mole Man was last seen taking responsibility for a series of Chupacabra attacks in Puerto Rico.

jack-o-lantern#8 Jack-O-Lantern (Jason Macendale)
First Appearance: Machine Man # 19
Origin: Disgruntled ex-C.I.A. agent Jason Macendale decided to turn to a life of crime after being kicked out of the organization. Using his C.I.A. training and an array of weapons Macendale adopted the persona of Jack-O-Lantern.
Current Whereabouts: Atomized by the Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsly).

#7 Cluemaster
First Appearance: Detective Comics #351
Origin: A failed game show host with no superhuman abilities or powers. The Cluemaster leaves clues at the scene of the crime, similar to the Riddler but not riddles.
Current Whereabouts: While Cluemaster was thought to be dead after saving Major Disaster in a confrontation with terrorists, It was later revealed that Cluemaster was indeed alive and bank rolling The Reapers, a group of super villains whom were rivals of Batgirl.

peek-a-boo#6 Peek-A-Boo
First Appearance: Flash Vol. 2 #180
Origin: While donating a kidney to save her fathers life, Lashawna Baez’s metagene was activated granting her teleportation powers. She was driven to a life of crime trying to save her fathers life.
Current Whereabouts: Peek-a-Boo was imprisoned after turning herself in and is still being held for her crimes.

Hypno-Hustler#5. Hypno-Hustler
First Appearance: Spectacular Spiderman #24
Origin: Hypno-Hustler was the lead singer and guitarist for a band called The Mercy Killers. Using a specialized guitar, Hypno-Hustler hypnotized audiences into a trance state and used that time to rob them of their valuables.
Last Seen: Hypno-Hustler was last seen at a villains anonymous meeting. Various future stories show him as an ally of Spiderman.

Mekano#4 Mekano
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #36
Origin: The son of a wealthy philanthropist, Thomas Regal could never seem to get enough attention from his father. In an effort to get his fathers attention, Thomas stole an exo-skeleton from a research lab his father donated money to.
Current Whereabouts: After attempting to destroy a library his father funded, Regal got the attention he craved from his father and retired from his life of crime.

Lady Stilt Man#3 (Lady) Stilt-Man
First Appearance: Amazing Spiderman #611
Origin: While it is unknown where this particular incarnation of Stilt-Man acquired her hydraulic suit, she has claimed she uses the name Stilt-man as an homage to the original.
Current Whereabouts: Stilt-Man was last seen being arrested and taken to the raft after Misty Knight’s sting operation in Villians for Hire.

Typeface#2 Typeface
First Appearance: Peter Parker:Spiderman vol. 2 #23.
Origin: Gordan Thomas was a sign maker who lost his job when the company he worked for was purchased. With no family to turn to, being dead or having abandoned him, Thomas became incredibly bitter with the world and turned to a life of crime. Adorning his body with letters and using over-sized letter weapons, Thomas became Typeface.
Current Whereabouts: Fighting for the resistance during Civil War, Typeface met an unfortunate end when Venom (Mac Gargen, not the amazing Angelo Fortunato), acting as part of the Thunderbolts team, slammed him into a bus.

And last but not least, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The best villain of all time is….

The Greatest Villain of All Time. #1 Swarm!
First Appearance:Champions #14
Origin: One of Hitler’s top scientists during World War II, Fritz Von Meyer absconded to South America after the fall of The Third Reich. There Von Meyer became a bee keeper. After discovering and trying to enslave a colony of mutated bees, Von Meyer was consumed by the bees. However, due to the bees mutations, his consciousness was absorbed by the bees, thus transforming them into Swarm.
Current Whereabouts:Swarm was last seen in Buenos Aries battling the Mighty Avengers, having created avatars of several of their allies out of bees.

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. The top 10 super villains of all time as judged by the staff of Comic Booked. What are your thoughts on this grouping? Would you have chosen any different characters? Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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