This coming February prepare for a change that will affect all of mutant kind for years to come. Cyclops is back and he has some serious business to take care of. As part of the Marvel NOW! Initiative, superstar creators Brian Michael Bendis (Daredevil, Powers, Avengers) and Chris Bachalo (Sandman, X-Men, Avengers) bring you a brand new Uncanny X-Men series that is surely to be like no other!

The iconic, flagship X-Men book returns after the devastation left in the wake of the Phoenix force’s recent trip to planet earth. The world has changed, parts of which now lie in ruins after the exploits of this Summers blockbuster event: Avengers Vs X-Men. A new world is rising from the ashes and in steps a new team of X-men along with it. But just what are they? Revolutionaries dedicated to the preservation of mutant and humankind alike? Or dangerous mutant terrorists bent on proving the superiority of the mutant race? Whatever his mission may be Cyclops, along with the help of Emma Frost, Magneto and Magick, has been scouring the earth in search of new mutants to bolster his ranks.

Uncanny X-Men 1 Cover

[quote]“What Brian and Chris have planned for Cyclops’ team in the post-’Avengers VS. X-Men’ landscape is nothing short of its adjective, ‘uncanny’. “Mutantkind has been going through a reEvolution over the past couple years. The pressing question now is, who will lead them into the future?” – Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief, Marvel Entertainment. [/quote]

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[quote]“Not only does every book with the Marvel NOW! logo feature a new superstar creative team and blockbuster story, but they also come with all-new incentives for our retailer partners. We want to make sure every comic shop nationwide is fully stocked to meet the high demand we’re already seeing for Marvel NOW! And want to make sure their voices are heard throughout this exciting time. Stay tuned for more news on how Marvel will be working directly with retailers to make sure our programs address their needs.”  – David Gabriel, Senior Vice-President of Sales, Marvel Entertainment[/quote]


An all-new direction! An all-new team! All-new threats! This is Uncanny X-Men NOW!
This February, Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo redefine what it means to be a mutant in Uncanny X-Men!
Art & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO

Stay Tuned to Comic for more breaking Marvel News. It’s a great time to be a comic fan…this book can’t hit soon enough!