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The Future of Marvel NOW! is Wanted and Killers

Zach Story 09/09/2012 Reviews

Yesterday Marvel gave us the two latest entries in the now infamously long line of one word Marvel NOW! promotions. We’ve had Invincible, Worthy, Lightning, and tons more equally descriptive title-teasers. Now, we can add Wanted and Killers to the list. Wanted is coming at us from Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca, while Killers is helmed by Sam Humphries and Ron Garney. Only time will tell for sure what these two titles are about. I’m guessing it’s not coincidental that the two teasers seem to have a certain thematic similarity. What do you guys think these are all about? Personally, I’m hoping at least one of these involves Deadpool in some way. Here are the press releases:

The Future of Marvel NOW! Is Wanted.

Dennis Hopeless.

Salvador Larroca.

December 2012

The Future of Marvel NOW! Is Killers.

Sam Humphries

Ron Garney.

January 2013

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