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The Future of Marvel Now! is Survive!

Nick Furious 09/06/2012 Reviews

The future of Marvel Now! is survive?  As in survival of the fittest?  There is only one group of people who have truly struggled to survive and that is mutants but I don’t think that is what Marvel is talking about.  Marvel Zombies?  Maybe, very good possibility, but still highly unlikely.  Something tells me this has to do with Punisher.  I’m no psychic and Marvel doesn’t exactly make it easy to try and guess who or what they are talking about, but my money is on Frank Castle who is set to turn some heads very soon.  Plus what better writer than Hopeless to push us down the dark and dreary road that is the Punisher.  Here is the official teaser:

The Future of Marvel NOW! Is Survive.

Dennis Hopeless.

Kev Walker.

December 2012

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