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The Future of Marvel NOW! Is Invincible

Zach Story 07/31/2012 Reviews

It’s a busy day for Marvel, dropping all kinds of news and hints of things to come. Most recently is the Marvel NOW! teaser title for Invincible. Marvel has already announced the cancellation of Invincible Iron Man among other titles, so I’m assuming this means they have plans to reboot the series that Matt Fraction made famous. All we really know for sure is that this book will be coming to you from the creative team of Kieron Gillen and Greg Land in November. What’s interesting to me is that both of these creators have worked on Uncanny X-Men. Whether we’ll see any X-Men in Iron Man’s book or not is uncertain, but it’s interesting to note that the post Avengers vs X-Men blending of teams isn’t only for the characters, but the writers and artists as well. Here’s the press release:

The Future of Marvel NOW! Is Invincible.


Kieron Gillen.

Greg Land.

 November 2012


Iron Man Teaser

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