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The Exile’s Read of the Week for 4/20/11 – Zatanna #12

David Vandervliet 04/23/2011 Reviews


  Story: Matt Sturges
Art: Stephane Roux,
Covers: Amanda Conner
Publisher: DC

A $2.99 Comic

I can’t say I have a strong history with the Maid of Magic, Zatanna. She was a character I was familiar with, but she always seemed more of supporting character; but thanks to Paul Dini’s love for the character, she has finally gotten her own ongoing series. Now a year old, I have been picking it up, and have been enjoying it.

The book has a light tone, even when dealing with some pretty dark and macabre subject matter. Zatanna often fights demons and other supernatural threats. Some of her foes would not seem out of place in The Spectre, or even Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. But here, her approach is much more, shall we say, entertaining. Her cover as a Stage Magician certainly feeds her showmanship when fighting whatever groovy ghoulie she finds her self up against. In this issue, guest creative team Matthew Sturges (JSA AllStars, Jack of Fables, his novel Midwinter) and Stephane Roux, give us a peak behind the curtain at Zatanna’s process. (Flashcards of words backwards!). Though her foe in this particular issue was little more than thug with a gimmick tailor made to take on Zee, it was fun to see how her clever solution manifested itself in some of her wildest and silliest spells, all ending with the perfect onomatopoeic panel for Zatanna. Sturges has made a name for himself as writer who handles the fantastical mixed with the mundane world. He loves to mix magical elements with everyday things for comic effect and for dramatic tension. He has also earned his superhero stripes with Blue Beetle and The JSA.

Artwise – For a guest artist, this issue looked pretty strong. Now I have always like Jamal Inge’s work on this title, but it’s great to know that Stephane Roux is there in the wings whenever Inge needs a break or if he decides to leave the book (hopefully far) down the line at some point.

Fans of Buffy, Angel and Charmed all would enjoy this series, mixing humor and magical battles.

Grade A

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  1. Andy Kirby 04/25/2011 at 7:14 pm

    Pretty good cover art.

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