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The Eternal Warrior Returns

David Vandervliet 11/01/2012 ZDONOTUSE

Ninjak and Shadowman have both rejoined the revived Valiant Universe (Ok, Shadowman returns on November 7 in his own ongoing series) and now it’s time for the Eternal Warrior.

If you are not familiar with the name, The Eternal Warrior a/k/a Gilad Anni-Padda is the brother to Aram “Armstrong” Anni-Padda. Aram is half of the team starring in Archer & Armstrong. Armstrong and his young companion/would-be-assassin Obadiah Archer are trying to prevent a secret society known as The Sect from gaining the power of the Boon, the mysterious device that somehow granted immortality to both Armstrong and Gilad, while at the same time wiping out most life on Earth.

Who is the Eternal Warrior?

Like his brother he is an immortal Mesopotamian. Gilad has walked the Earth for nearly 10,000 years. But unlike Aram, Gilad is “a master of strategy and weaponry, an unrelenting force of nature capable of dismantling entire armies with little effort and less conscience.”

Gilad Anni-Padda is a soldier. He is the best soldier, ever. He gets the job done. But what will this mean when his target is Archer? How can Armstrong react? Will he have to choose between his brother and his new, best friend and cohort in the battle against the The Sect?

This isn’t Gilad’s first appearance in the title. Sharp readers may remember he did turn up in the first issue. He was corpse, wrapped up in bandages, but he was there. It was his brother’s (Ivar) grief over his death that cause the Boon to be used, changing history. This is the first time readers will see the Eternal Warrior in action in the pages of Valiant Comics since the relaunch.

[pullquote_left]he’s a master of strategy and weaponry, an unrelenting force of nature capable of dismantling entire armies with little effort and less conscience.[/pullquote_left]

How long until we see an ongoing series featuring the Eternal Warrior and Ninjka? I would guess that would be up to you. Let Valiant know how you feel about these returning characters, and they are bound to get their own titles soon.

See a preview of Archer & Armstrong # 5, by Fred Van Lente and Emanuela Lupacchino below!


From Valiant


ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #5 Delivers The Wrath of the ETERNAL WARRIOR!

First came Ninjak… Now prepare for the debut of Valiant’s next superstar hero — the  undying Eternal Warrior! Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Archer & Armstrong #5 by New York Times best-selling author Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man) and artist Emanuela Lupacchino (X-Factor) — the FIRST ISSUE of “Wrath of the Eternal Warrior” and an all-new jumping on point for the series Comic Book Resources calls “refreshingly unpredictable”!
The manhunt begins on December 12th as two immortal brothers go to war for the life of Obadiah Archer, only in Archer & Armstrong #5 – featuring a cover by superstar artist Patrick Zircher and interlocking incentive variants by Emanuela Lupacchino! And, comic shop subscribers, don’t forget to reserve your Archer & Armstrong #5 Pullbox Exclusive Variant today — featuring a limited edition cover by Doug Braithwaite! Valiant will be maintaining a strict no overprint policy on all upcoming Pullbox Exclusive Variants, so pre-order now!
A $3.99 Comic /Rated T+/32 pgs.
Written byFred Van Lente
Art by Emanuela Lupacchino
Cover by Patrick Zircher
Pullbox Exclusive Variant by Doug Braithwaite
Interlocking Variants by Emanuela Lupacchino

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