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R. B. LeMoyne 05/24/2012 Reviews

As of today, Thursday, May 24th, Wizards of the Coast is officially opening the D&D Next Playtest to the public!

To tabletop gamers everywhere, this is a major step on par with the Open Game License of the D&D 3rd Edition. Instead of giving other companies the chance to shape the landscape of their hobby, however, WotC is allowing their own fans to help shape the next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons by giving them a direct means of sharing their input and vision for the game.

“The curtain is about to go up on our stage debut,” stated Mike Mearls, Senior Manager of Dungeons & Dragons R&D, in a recent Legends & Lore post. “In the end it is you, the audience, who will determine the future of D&D. The game is too big, and too important, to stand for anything less than that.”

D&D logoWant to know how to get in on this amazing playtest experience? We’ve got you covered! Just follow the simple instructions below to get started:

How to Join the Playtest

To join the playtest, simply visit and click the “Start Playtesting Now” button. You will then be prompted with instructions to get started.  (Note: You must have an active account and agree to the set terms and conditions in order to participate.  If you do not already have a account, it is free and easy to sign up.)


Providing Feedback

In the coming weeks, you will periodically receive emails to the address you provide at sign-up which will contain links to surveys about the playtest materials.  The D&D team wants to hear from as many people as possible, and completing these surveys is the best way to provide feedback and help deliver a great game.

Don’t forget to check on a regular basis for updates on D&D Next and the public playtest!

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