So here we are now, only a few days away from one of the most anticipated movies of all time, The Dark Knight Rises and everyone is gearing up to see all the action unfold on the big screen. For those Bane fans who simply cannot wait to see him in action in theaters this Friday, here’s a little something that should tide you over in the meantime. Okay, well, if you have a vastly over active imagination then this figure should appeal to your liking.

Yep that’s right, Bane along with the camouflaged version of Batman’s Tumbler from the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises now is available (in toy form of course). This 1/6th scale Bane figure from Hot Toys comes equipped with the minimalist of accessories considering the fact the popular character relies on his tactical intellect and brawny brute force. That’s all the more reason why he is a plastic force to be reckoned with.  The figure costs within the $250-300 price range and the Camo-Tumbler comes in around $450. Given the extreme likelihood that these collectibles will sell out quick as we get closer to the premiere date, I recommend you jump on this as soon as possible.

bane 2