IDW Publishing (The Comic home of 30 Days of Night, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Doctor Who  and Star Trek) has announced today at SDCC that they have acquired the rights to produce new comics based on THE CROW series, as well as the right to reprint previous Crow comics.

I’m glad to see The Crow land at IDW,” said Ted Adams, IDW’s co-founder and CEO . “I edited the last Crow series when I ran Todd McFarlane’s comics in the late ‘90’s, and we’re looking forward to bringing this classic character back to the medium in 2012 at IDW.”

Lee, as the Crow

The Crow, created by James O’Barr, first appeared in comics courtesy of Caliber Press in 1989. It is a dark fantasy series that tells the tale of vengeance. A crow resurrects those who have been murdered and can’t rest peacefully because they have not received justice. The crow is a magical creature, imbuing the newly raised dead with the powers and abilities to get the revenge they were denied in life, serving as guide and totem.

The Crow was first adapted into a film in 1994 starring Brandon Lee  (in his final role) as Eric Draven, a musician who is killed, along with his fiance by gang members. In the comic, they are killed randomly, when Eric’s car breaks down on the side of the road. In the movie, they are killed by their slumlord’s thugs for trying to organize their fellow tenants for improved conditions of their apartment building. In both cases the dying Draven is forced to watch as his fiance is brutally raped.

Lee was killed on set of the movie, in a freak accident involving a prop gun, but that didn’t end the series.   A total of four films have been made based on the various Crow comics,  with other  tortured souls brought back by the crow.  A  TV series, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (which centered on the Eric Draven character) was also made which had a total of 22 episodes that were produced in 1998.

Like many of IDW’s licensed comics there will be several series, based on both the original comics, and the upcoming feature film reboot. At this time, no specific titles have been named, no creative teams have been named and dates have been given beyond 2012 for any upcoming Crow comics.

IDW will also be repackaging the previous series from other publishers in collector’s editions.

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